Vromolimnos Beach

Just about halfway between Skiathos town and Koukounaries beach there is another fabulous beach, remarkable for its sandy coast and its cyan waters. Vromolimnos means "dirty lake", and the beach took its name from a small lake, located a few steps before the beach.

Achladies Beach

The beach took it name from Achladies village and it is fairly ranked among the beaches of Skiathos island perfect for families. It is a very peacefull but also organized beach with many amenities and equipped water sports school.

Vasilias Beach

Vasilias in Greek means "king" and the legend says this beach took it name in Byzantine times when the emperors use to prefer that place for relaxation. Today, however, you don't have to be king to live "royal" moments in Vasilias beach...

Ksanemos Beach

Even if Ksanemos beach is particularly near to Skiathos town, it is a pretty quiet place since it is not on the bus route Skiathos-Koukounaries but on the other side of the island, very close to the airport.