Banana Beach (or Krassa)

The bay was called Krassa but it was later renamed to Banana from a small beach bar that once operated there. The name incorrectly concludes that a single beach however there are 2 seperated beaches(Little and Big Banana), which are divined by few rocks and so the common name prevailed. To get to the beach you'll have to walk about 8 minutes from the last bus stop.

The first beach you'll find in the way is Big Banana, which is characterized by cool parties and alot of fun (it is concidered as the favorite beach of youth. There are 2 bars with loud music and alot of people - party starts early in the afternoon and sometimes going late in the night until early morning. Full season weekends the beach is extremly crowded.

Both beaches have water sport schools and if you try them out, sit until the sunset to reward you with beautiful emotions.