Kolios Beach

Nobody is certain about the origin of name Kolios beach. Some associate it with the fish "Kolios" while others believe an old legend where after an unknown naval battle between Skiathos and Evoia Island, the sea washed out many small sword cases (named Kolios as well) .

The only certain thing about Kolios beach is that nature seems particularly generous with that corner of Skiathos. Fine golden sand, shallow waters, many trees and it rare morphology that naturaly protects it from large waves, makes it ideal for families with young children or elderly people. Even when the entire island has strong waves, Kolios' waters remains peaceful giving the image of a lake. 

On more positive thing is that all hotels of the area are located just a few steps from the beach, making the access to the sea very easy and fast. At Kolios beach there is a snack bar and a restaurant with delicius meals (and fresh fish). 

You can be there by bus stop 14.