Koukounaries Beach

Koukounaries beach is fairly concidered among the most beautiful beaches in the world. Metaphorically speaking it is Skiathos' true diamond. 

It name comes from the tall pines trees just behind it coast. Just right behind them lies the small lake Strofylia, a protected area.The beach is also known as "Chrisi Ammos" (meaning "Golden Sand" ) since it gold fine sand is shining under the hot summer sun. Skiathos authorities along with Skiathos citizens choosed to save the natural beauty of the area, keeping the beach untouched by tourist development. Small wooden canteens and kiosks are carefully placed in harmony with the simplicity and beauty of the beach, serving simple meals (sandwiches, salads), ice-creams, soft drinks and coffees.

The shallow turquoise waters are ideal for novice swimmers, children and elderly. Yet, if you enjoy watersports activities, Koukounaries beach will not disappoint you since there are 3 schools plus beach volley golf...

Honestly, Koukounaries beach is the alibi to visit Skiathos every summer. Accessable from bus stop 21 or 24 (end of route)