Lalaria Beach

In the northeastern coast, just at the base of a sharp cliff, is a beach with very rare characteristics: Lalaria Beach.

The mountain's edge stops a few meters from the sea, blocking every access from the skiathos mainland, and giving the feel of a fort-style beach. The only way to visit the place is by the sea, either with a day trip or by renting a boat (just in case you do not have your own boat).

Both the sea bottom and the coastline have countless white tiny stones in the shape of a sphere, which tease visitor's feet and make a quirky massage. These small stones where once part of the cliff's body, detached and over time, the waves forged them in their small spherical shape.

Underwater strong tides of this region make the water crystal clear and chill. The trademark of the beach is the "hole Stone", which you can see in most of photos available.

In Lalaria there aren't any sun chairs, canteen or any other sign of luxury, giving the impression of a fully isolated beach. Clearly you need to have some cold water with you and remember that people sensitive to the sun should be very careful since the beach is quite far away from Skiathos town.