Tsougrias Island

Wrongly most of visitors believe that Tsougrias is one more Skiathos beach, however Tsougrias is one of the four Skiathos satellite-islands, located about 4 miles from Skiathos harbor.

Once there, you will immediately feel like explorers who just discovered a new island. In Tsougrias there are no hotels or touristic facilities but a tavern (with delicious fresh fish and traditional Greek cuisine) and the small church of Agios Floros. In the past there were a few shepherds and farmers living in the island but now remains uninhabited.

The 3 beaches have a wonderful view of Skiathos island and Skiathos town. Sea umbrellas and sun chairs are not enough for everyone and you may need to bring with you your own umbrella.

If you do not have your own boat, you can access Tsougrias with a sea taxi or a day trip (or by renting a boat from local boat rentals). Daily trip boats start every morning at 09:30 and get to Tsougrias  Island after 15 minutes. More day trips here.