Vromolimnos Beach

Just about halfway between Skiathos town and Koukounaries beach there is another fabulous beach, remarkable for its sandy coast and its cyan waters. Vromolimnos means "dirty lake", and the beach took its name from a small lake, located a few steps before the beach. But don't let that name trick you...

Vromolimnos is considered one of the most elegant beaches of Skiathos island. In a short range you can find several luxurious accommodations and restaurants and each visit is a wonderful chance for a meal, some coffee or a refreshing coctail by the sea. Several beach parties are frequently organized there, stealing visitor heart's and mind's.

The easiest way to get there is by car or motorbike and if you choose the bus, you should get off at bus stop 13. You'll need to walk a 5 minute distance among pine and olive trees.