Hiking in Skiathos

Skiathos has a lot more to offer than carefree summers in the sea, its wonderful beaches and clean waters. It is the only island in the entire Northern Aegean, or perhaps even the entire country, that also offers:
25 well-marked hiking trails, 197kms in length, with the following
- Difficulty ranging from easy to medium-to-hard
- Duration from 1 to 6 hours
- Passing through fascinating natural vistas
- Wonderful panoramic views
- Ideal spots for a quick rest or even a romantic picnic
- Giving you the opportunity to meet the most important areas of the island
- Guided hiking
- New in Skiathos
- Geocaching (look by www.geocaching.com ) and routes for Mountainbiking!

Whoever can show evidence of hiking codes fort he 20 trails, will recive the „Wanderer`s Medal” from Skiathos hiking club. Please note the Hiking Codes on the routes. Contact 0030 6972705416.

To that end, a special book is at your disposal, the “Tourist and Hiking Guide of Skiathos”, with maps and detailed descriptions on each trail. You can find this guide in bookstores, hotels and room rentals in the island.

Those of you interested in guided group hiking tours, you can find experienced guides that are familiar with every nook and cranny of the island (0030 6972705416),email : [email protected]

Or, if you prefer, you can book for a Jeep Photo-Safari for some unique and wonderful landscape photos in the islands magnificent natural environment.

Experience the ideal months for hiking; April, May, September and October in one of Greece’s most beautiful islands, the evergreen Skiathos, in a natural environment filled with flowers and herbs, which are sure to enrapture you with their fragrance. Specific hotels and apartment rentals also make special prices for hikers.

Hikers, onwards to Skiathos!

Planned for the future: On the first weekend of October, the International People’s Hiking Days on Skiathos, as well as a yearly Mountainbiking competition!