Kastro - Lalaria Trip

Indisputably one of the most interesting and popular day trips. As is true in most cases, the trip is not designed to transport you only to a single destination, but many... Approximately 1 hour after departure, the boat reaches Lalaria beach, famous for its turquoise waters and its white broad stones. It is pretty rare type of beach in the world and there is access is only by boat, which justifies and vindicates those who choose this particular tour. 1 hour stop will follow  for visitors to enjoy the beach and then a regroup for the next destination.About 15 minutes after you leave Lalaria beach behind, the tour takes you to Kastro beach where every visitor has 2 options. You will have to choose whether you prefer a Tour ride to the ruins of the medieval city, known as the Kastro, or relax at Kastro beach. Whatever you choose we know by experience that you will pass beautiful moments as both choices reward in their own way the visitor. The ship's captain will tell you how much time you have available, in any case not less than one and a half hour.