Skiathos Round Trip

Skiathos round trip is probably the most romantic of all Skiathos excursions. Within a few hours you will see many of the most wonderful Skiathos beaches and you'll have the chance to admire Skiathos natural beauty. Magnificent images and feelings that only boat owners lived... until now.

The tour begins from Skiathos old port directly to Lalaria beach with a short stop for swimming. Next destination will be Kastro beach followed by another stop. Visitors will be free to enjoy Kastro  beach but for those who seek a visit at the old city ruins should choose the another trip since Skiathos Round Trip is a multi-destination excursion.Immediately after Kasto beach, Aselinos beach is next where you can enjoy the beach or dine at the seaside restaurant.

The journey of returnign begins after that with two stops in Banana Beach and the Vromolimnos beach. In these short stops there will no be enough time for visitors to enjoy and if you want you can depart and then return at Skiathos town with local transportation.

Whatever your choice will be, we advise to have plenty of free slots and a fully charget battery in your camera.