Alexandros Moraitidis


Alexandros Moraitidis was born in Skiathos on 15th October 1850 and was the oldest of his seven siblings. His father had origins from the lordly family Mystra and his mother from the clerical family of Skiathos. He finished the primary school and he attended the first two classes of college in Skiathos but because of financial difficulties he graduated in 1871 from Varvakeio College. A few years later he enrolled in School of Philosophy of Athens University and next year he became a regular member of literary association “ Parnassos”. In 1880 he was appointed professor in Varvakeio College and a year later he became doctor of philosophy. In 1886 he received the medal of silver cross of Redeemer and in 1921 he received the National commendation of letters and arts. In Januαry 1928 he became a chaired member of Academy of Athens.

Alexandros Moraitidis, SkiathosIn 1929 on Skiathos he became a high-ranking monk and his name changed into Andronikos. He travelled to Holy Land, Constantinople and Agio Oros and in 1901 he married Aggeliki Foulaki in Athens and they decided to remain virgins. He abandoned his literary and journalist activity in 1907. After the death of Vassiliki (1914) he abandoned the mundane affairs and he was occupied with writhing and translation of religious texts until 1919 when he published his first volume of stories. In 1929 he became high-ranking monk on Skiathos and his name changed into Andronikos. In October of the same year he got ill and died in the afternoon of 25th October 1929. During his funeral that took place next day Georgios Rigas delivered a very warm oration. Allexandros Moraitidis cultivated every literary genre, he was occupied with poetry, prose, theater, translation and his work transpired a particular lyricism, a deep religiousness such as a love for Skiathos.