Cultural Club "Skiathos"

Cultural Club "η Σκιάθος" has been established in order to rescue, maintenace and enhance the traditional, cultural and aesthetic values of Skiathos Island. Founded in 2005 by a mixed group of local residents, foreigners, house owners of Greek origin, regular visitors, expatriates and other.

Founding goals of the organization:

The actions and contribution of the Association to the rescue, preservation and strengthening of traditional, cultural and aesthetic values ​​of the island, such as the regeneration of the settlement of the island to rescue traditional buildings, old churches, historic trails, etc. Enhancing the quality of living point on the island, through the aesthetic and environmental protection of the natural beauty of green forests, beaches, streams, seas, groundwater, habitats and other valuable natural elements or human construction. Information and awareness, modernizing infrastructure and cultural and quality upscale tourism. Last but not least, close cooperation with the Municipal Authority, other local associations and relevant bodies within or out of Greece, in order to enhance the prospects for the qualitative upgrading of the island.