Local Transportation in Skiathos

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By Taxi

Traveling by taxi is the best way to move around anywhere in Skiathos quickly and safely, even in areas without asphalted roads such as Kastro, the Evangelistria monastery, Kechria, Mandraki, Megas Aselinos, etc.

The main taxi hub of Skiathos can be found approximately 50 meters from the exit of passenger ships in the harbor and works daily on a 24-hour basis. You can book a taxi there, or by phone at 2427024461.

In addition to the taxi hub at the harbor, you can always stop a taxi in the street. Especially during the summer months there are a lot of taxis in the Skiathos - Koukounaries route and if the driver does not have an appointment already, then they will definitely accomodate you. If they are already booked, it’s not uncommon for them to call another taxi for you.

Through prior notification, it is possible for the transport of certain objects to your hotel’s reception, such as newspapers, cigarettes, flowers, etc. For the transport of animals prior arrangements are required, and if you have forgotten a personal item inside a taxi you should contact the taxi hub immediately.

Lastly, if you are planning on going out for drinks in Skiathos, the right thing to do is leave your car at the hotel and take a taxi. Never drink and drive.

Skiathos Taxi Phone/Fax: 2427024461

 By Bus

Without a doubt, the bus is the most eco-friendly means of transportation. On a daily basis, buses accomodate hundreds of people quickly and effortlessly, while also easing the island’s traffic. This way, travelers can relax and enjoy the scenic route, without the worries of driving and finding a parking spot in their mind.

With several scheduled routes during the day, the starting point is at the city of Skiathos and buses travel towards the beach of Xanemos, the Evangelistria monastery, the beach of Koukounaries, and vice versa. More specifically, in the route Skiathos - Koukounaries there are 22 in-between stops as can be seen in the map and schedule found below:

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Bus Stops Skiathos - Koukounaries

1.Delta (Starting Point) 9.Ag. Taksiarchis 17.Eikonistria  
2.Platania Kar. Peti 10.Achladies 18.Troulos
3.Sfageia 11.Sklithri 19.Amoni
4.Akropolis 12.Tzaneria 20.Maratha
5.M. Ammos 13.Vromolimnos 21.Mandraki
6.Mitikas 14.Kolios - Makri Katalima 22.Strofilia
7.Vasilias 15.Agia Paraskevi 23.Agia Eleni
8.Vasilias (Vrisi) 16.Poros 24.Koukounaries (End)


There are 2 more bus roots. The Green Line begins at the Bust stop #4 and ends at the beach and settlement of Xanemos. The Red Line ends at Evangelistria monastery as its destination. 

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