Conclusion of Skiathos Municipal Elections 2014

It has been more than a week since the end of Municipal Elections and it's now the time to take a look at the results and draw our conclusions .

Firstly, It was a really interesting procedure. For the first time in Skiathos history, we saw so many political parties wit countless candidates. Nearly every neighborhood had (at least) one candidate.

We also saw young people that never involved in politics, yet now they took part and was ready to give their best efforts to improve the political landscape of Skiathos and save it future.

Observing the results, we could say that the people of Skiathos are tired of this situation. They are no longer convinced that easy by the Government, but in the same time, they are not sure about opposition either. has watched the whole process from is start to the end, keeping a neutral stance to everyone and, at this point, we clarify that we do not intend to judge. Whether the people of Skiathos voted the best ( we really wish) or not, it will be proven at by the deeds of the new Municipal Authority - not us .

At this point , we would like to express our admiration to all candidates , regardless the result of the electoral process . We recognize that all of them gave their best on behalf for a better Skiathos and they deserve our respect.

To conclude, it is unfortunately the style of the electoral process where sometimes good hearted, capable and worthy people remain outside the City Council. So maybe the best would be in future to have two ballots. One with the Candidates for Mayor place and one with the Candidates for Council Members. And so perhaps the electoral process will be even more fair, giving us a real Dream Team, all those people that Skiathians love.