Folklore Skiathos Dances

Skiathos' most popular songs have a narrative character, which gives more emphasis to the verse rather the dance part. These narrative songs are generally large and it is difficult to be danced. In the old days, singing was a companion to people during a hiking or other long work. The origin of these songs, dates back to the Middle Ages.The most prominent of these songs is the "Kamara song" with the dance also known as Kamara. The song is about the folklore legend "Arta's Bridge" that might be found in more than 100 variants from southern Italy to the Black Sea.In older times, Kamara dance was very popular to women, who dance it with joy in their most formal dress after the Resurrection and the Feast of St. George.When the islanders lived in Kastro (the medieval town), the dance took place on the roof, and later, when they finally went to the current town location, the Kamara dance took place at Agia Triada square. As the priest George Rigas says: "Every verse of the song sung the same tune and the same reps"
Το βίντεο που ακολουθεί είναι χαρακτηριστικό του χορού της Καμάρας. Στο χορευτικό συμμετέχουν νέοι και νέες της Ελληνικής κοινότητας της Γλασκόβης, την Κυριακή του Πάσχα, 8 Απριλίου 2007.