Skiathos Traditional Outfit

Skiathos Traditional Outfit, Skiathos Tradition Uniform

In older times, the traditional uniform accompanies the residents of the island in every aspect of daily life, joy or sadness, and has ceased to be worn since several decades.

The men wore breeches and long fez with a long tassel. The outfit was similar to the clothing of Hydra. However, a few years after the Revolution of 1821 men began to replace the traditional uniform with trousers and jackets.

As in all regions of Greece, so in Skiathos, women's traditional uniform is much more beautiful, with vivid colors and rich meticulous handmade parts.

The feminine traditional uniform has the following parts:

  • 1. Shirt: the most important and necessary part of women's clothing. It is long, reaching below the knees plus it's characteristic wide sleeves.
  • 2. Flannel: Crossed in the front and fastens with two small buttons at the neck area. It is usually wool or cotton and has white colour with the exception of the older women or those who lost a family member (black colour).
  • 3. Socks: Knitted from cotton or wool yarn and reached to the knee. The socks had always white colour with the exception of older women or those who lost a family member (black colour).

Women had to edit and produce their own traditional uniform. This tradition passed down from generation to generation, so women (despite men) have been slow to apart their traditional uniform. Even today you may come across some great age woman wearing traditional clothing of the narrow streets of Skiathos...

Traditional Outfit of Skiathos from ioanna giakoumatou on Vimeo.