Where "Mamma Mia" movie was filmed in Skiathos?

We inform you that the film wasn't shot entirely in Skiathos but in different parts of Northern Sporades and Pelion Mountain. The film begins with Amanda Seyfried in a boat approaching the old port of Skiathos. A few seconds later, the scene is moved beneath the bell tower of St. Nicholas, with its unique view of the old port, the sea and the Tsougrias island in the distance. A few minutes later follows the scene in the old port, with 2 taxis running and meeting in a very poetical way - it's the placce where the 3 protagonists meet for first time in the film. Finally, in another scene we see Meryl Streep driving an old jeep accompanied by her two friends. This area is also located in Skiathos, at the mountainous northwest part of the island, overlooking Agia Eleni beach and moving to Mantraki beach. More about filming locations of the movie here and photos from the shoot in Skiathos you'll see here.