Naturally, fishing could not be absent from the range of your choices in the island of Skiathos.

Although it is an all year round activity, most people traditionally fish during the summer months. With friends, family or even on your own, visitors can choose fishing for some moments of relaxation or even excitement. Undoubtedly, an island is the ideal place for fishing and offers numerous places for a good catch.

You don't even have to bring your own equipment since Skiathos fishing shops are equipped with well-known brands reeds, instruments and consumables for all fishing techniques (spinning, casting, match fishing, pole fishing, shore jigging ...)

You can fish by the harbor, beach, rocks, or even by boat (why not?). The coastal fishing is allowed in all parts of the island with the exception of Lake Strofilia (in Koukounaries) which is a protected area. Instead, fishing from boat requires special license not only in Skiathos but in the entire country of Greece.

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Fishing Trip

For all the lovers of fishing we are happy to inform you of the fishing trips by Skiathos Fishing Club. Skiathos Fishing Club provides you the necessary equipment for nearly all types of fishing.