Kastro Beach

Eleni Boat Trips

Eleni Boat Trips are daily excursion to Lalaria beach, Kastro beach and Tsougrias Island. It is a family business that operates since summer 2012 owned by barothers Yiannis & Kostas and their father. All of the crew is very experienced and spend most of their life sailing.

Skiathos Round Trip

Skiathos round trip is probably the most romantic of all Skiathos excursions. Within a few hours you will see many of the most wonderful Skiathos beaches and you'll have the chance to admire Skiathos natural beauty. Magnificent images and feelings that only boat owners lived... until now.

Kastro Beach

The beach is so named because it lies just below the ruins of the medieval city (or Kastro) and differs from it wild, natural beauty, a common characteristic of Skiathos northern beaches.