Aggeliki Seafood Restaurant

Unique restaurant suggestion for sea food tastes with particular atmosphere and view in the sea side of skiathos town. Taste the special seafood variety, fresh fish from the boats of the island and traditional handmade recipes based on greek products,with quality wine, oyzo and tsipouro.

Taverna Ta Kymata

Taverna "Ta Kymata" (in Greek: The Waves) is operating since 1970 at Skiathos Club Street and offers delicious grilled food.

Souvlaki, gyros, burgers and much much more, accompanied with wine or cold beer, right next to the sea.

Scuna Restaurant

Scuna Restaurant has Mediterranean cuisine you will love. Dating back to the 60's Scuna is known as one of the best restaurants in Skiathos. Not only for its beautiful sea views and relaxing music but for its impressive food.

Eleas Gi Restaurant

The Olive land restaurant of Skiathos is simply the perfect hideaway, located on the hill of Katsarou, above Vassilias Beach. Perched on the rim of the cliff, overlooking the Aegean sea, Skiathos town, Tsougria and Arkos islands.

Maniatis Garden

Maniatis Garden is one of the most famous Sea Restaurants and fairly, one of the best Restaurants in Skiathos. It is located at Achladies beach, in a beautiful green landscape with magnificent view to the sea and Tsougrias Island in the horizon.