Accommodation in Skiathos

Skiathos has a well-developed base of accommodation. It has numerous hotels of different categories, rooms & studiosfor rent, villas and camping. All accommodation services are provided at a high level, high quality and have a friendly staff. Here is a list of all the hotels, rooms etc.

Does Dialy Tours worth the effort?

Certainly yes! Daily tours run as a service for several years for carrying easily and comfortably travelers to remote or difficult to reach sites. The destinations of Daily Tours are places of rare natural beauty and truly worth the visit. Besides the target location, the intermediate path is equally charming and will reward your choice. Most tours start from the old port at 09:30am and return at 03:00pm or 5:00pm as appropriate. Explicitly, we advise you to try not only one but as many you can. Of course, make sure you have enough battery and free space on your camera!


Do I need transportation to enjoy Skiathos?

You certainly do not need transport to enjoy beauties of the island. Skiathos isn't a big island and you can go anywhere fast and easy using local transportation (bus, taxi or water taxi). Also, there are daily excursions to various scenic areas of the island. However, a transportation would give more freedom to you. Especially if you live outside Skiathos Town or you would like to visit distant beaches.


Where "Mamma Mia" movie was filmed in Skiathos?

We inform you that the film wasn't shot entirely in Skiathos but in different parts of Northern Sporades and Pelion Mountain. The film begins with Amanda Seyfried in a boat approaching the old port of Skiathos. A few seconds later, the scene is moved beneath the bell tower of St. Nicholas, with its unique view of the old port, the sea and the Tsougrias island in the distance.


Which one is the best beach in Skiathos?

That's a hard question! Skiathos currently has over 60 beaches to cover all tastes, more or less. Visitors can choose between small or big beaches, crowded or deserted, with thin-gold sand or rocky wild coastline... So, with personal criteria, eachone of us gives a different answer to this question. Of course, according to most people, title of the best beach on the island has been for years (fairly) to Koukounaries beach. A short visit will show you why.


When is the best time to visit Skiathos?

Although Skiathos is beautiful all year round, summer is clearly the best time to come. The weather is warm, the sea calm and everywhere there are people whocome to relax and have fun. Undoubtedly, summer is a celebration for Skiathos. Tourism begins in late April and goes up as August gets closer. The period from mid June to late Augustis is full season, culminating in the celebration of "Dekapentavgustos" (15th August). From late August onwards tourist numbers fall smoothly until mid-October where Skiathos returns its winter liferythms.