Welcome to the new Destination Skiathos Website!

After a half year of hard work, DestinationSkiathos.com team has finaly managed to finish the new website! Here are a few things that has been changed along the way:


We have totally changed the interface making it more User Friendly by adding some color, more clear fonts and a mobile view.


The new website have more types of content. In advance, each page can now have 10 photos in the gallery instead of 5 that was in the previus website. A double map is on every Skiathos busines page. There also a ribbon system, informing the visitor what achievemtns this busines have and why we recommend it.


A tagging system has been added. In this case, the visitor can find related content easier. In some pages there is the possibility of comments.


The Forum is ready but we don't plan to set it on work before 1st of May 2014. The is no currently official release date for this feature.


There is now a new, more advanced Event system. There are different categories of events that have their own coloring in the calendar, helping the visitor to understand easier what is what. The visitor can also see more info about where the Event will take place and much more vital information.